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Men, thinking about starting a family? Boxers in, Hot tubs out!

Thinking of starting a family - when you are “getting ready” to have a little one you might hear someone tell the man involved to “stop taking hot baths and wear boxers!” You might be wondering how that could have anything to do with having children. Like all good (and seemingly random) advice – there’s quite a bit of truth behind it!

A 2007 scientific study found that high temperatures could be a real problem for men ready to be dads. Not only does raising his body temperature reduce sperm count, it also makes those “swimmers” less able to swim. So guys – listen up: skip the hot tub and switch out the briefs before you hit the sheets.

Shefi, S., Tarapore, P. E., Walsh, T. J., Croughan, M., & Turek, P. J. (2007). Wet heat exposure: a potentially reversible cause of low semen quality in infertile men. International braz j urol, 33(1), 50-57.




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