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3 Things to Look For In a Lightweight Baby Stroller

There are many things to consider when buying the ideal stroller for you and your baby. The type, weight, durability, maneuverability, functionality and price can influence your decision in choosing the best stroller. There are too many choices both online and offline which makes it more confusing.

Don’t worry; we summarized everything to just 3 things to look for in a Lightweight Baby Stroller. We described and explained each one to guide you why these three are the main things a stroller should be or have.

Lightweight and Compact

Obviously, lightweight strollers should not be heavy and should be easily folded and stored. However, the lighter a stroller is, the more it will stand out from other lightweight strollers. But aside from being lightweight, it should have an easy folding mechanism for easy storage and transportation. Lightweight strollers should be capable of being folded in cramped storages and being carried or moved.

There are products which are lightweight but aren’t compact enough for small spaces and vice versa. To get the exact specs, it is recommended for customers like you to do all the necessary measurements by yourself instead of relying to the dimensions given by the manufacturer. Ideal light weight products with these two features include the Maclaren Mark II, Joie Aire Lite, Recaro Easylife and Quinny Yezz. Maneuverability The maneuverability of a certain lightweight stroller can determine the performance of the product. Choosing the best lightweight stroller, it must be able to withstand different types of terrains including stone, sand, grass, gravel, concrete and dirt road. You need to know that you can easily push and guide the stroller on these types of terrain.

Most of the lightweight strollers which are easy to maneuver has a lock on the front wheel to make sure that the stroller moves forward and not sway from side to side. Added to that, there are strollers which have all-suspension wheels which absorbs every bumpy ride for your child’s comfort ability. Of all the lightweight strollers, the Quinny Yezz stands out for being excellent on this feature. Quality Quality of a lightweight stroller is influenced by the materials used in building the product, the durability and also the safety. Some manufacturers focus more on the other features that they tend to forget to also focus on making their products of high-quality. Strollers with poor quality can cause the wheels to suddenly detach from the baby stroller, the fabric to tear, brakes to dysfunction and many more.

These reasons could harm your child and cause serious injury. Therefore, if you want your child to be both comfortable and safe, you need to choose a stroller with the best quality and features. It is important to check the wheels, framework, fabric and everything about the stroller before placing your child into a stroller. Besides Quinny, we also recommend Joovy Groove and Mountain Buggy Mini to be just some of the high-quality strollers currently available in the market.

Indeed, there are so many stroller products on the market to satisfy your strolling needs which can really overwhelming especially for first-time parents. If you stick to the three factors mentioned above, you’ll surely find the right stroller not just for your baby but also for you.

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