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6 "Must Follow" Rules for Finding the Right Doctor for You and Your Family.

These days people are starting to realize just how important staying healthy really is. Don't take my word for it - just take a look at the world according to Harvard ( The wealthiest individuals in the world are spending more and more of their money on the one thing money cannot buy another of - themselves!

The biggest thing anyone can do to change their health for the better is to simply start now. The next time you're in a doctor's office (or any health-related office) be sure to do these 6 simple things:

  • Rule #1: Ask questions

This list could probably end with this first point based on how important (and powerful) it is. Knowledge is more than power here however - knowledge is health. When you don't understand something - ask! When something worries you - ask again!

Your doctor can't always tell when you don't understand something. In my office my best patients are the ones that know when to ask questions. Don't worry about "inconveniencing" the doctor - remember that doctor in Latin means teacher. Stay the course then be sure to demand answers.

  • Rule #2: Demand answers

It's one thing to ask a question - it's another thing to have it answered. It's important to not only speak up but you need to be heard while you're talking. Don't let the doctor throw around lots of technical jargon to confuse and dismiss your concern (a good sign of a well seasoned doc is his or her ability to take big concepts and make them seem easy).

Remember that you are the center of attention in the room. It's just as much up to you to get your questions answered (and be able to remember the answer too!) as it is for the doctor to convey the information. When either of these points aren't being met, sometimes it's time to:

  • Rule #3: Shop around when you aren't satisfied

Sometimes you just don't "like" or "sync" well with a particular doctor. It could be as mundane as the way their office staff welcomed you or it could be as big as the recommendations they gave you. Don't think you need a procedure done? Think you should have a procedure done? Something just not seem right? Time to go get a second opinion.

Sometimes taking the time to have another set of eyes on your case can make things a whole lot clearer. It's not about "liking" or "not liking" the doctor (most doctors, in my experience, are great people) it's about taking care of you. At the end of the day you should and need to be satisfied with your care. If that's not being met go see someone else to double check! If you aren't feeling so good about what's in front of you:

  • Rule #4: Don't be afraid to say no

Sometimes we agree and want what a doctor recommends. Sometimes we don't. Don't be afraid to tell a doctor "no" when you don't want something. Maybe you'd rather try an alternative therapy or maybe you don't think you'd get a favorable result - whatever the case if you don't feel "right" doing something don't feel awkward telling your doctor no sometimes. It could be he or she didn't explain themselves correctly or it could be that you really aren't a good fit. Either way it's always a good idea to hit the breaks in those situations and take time to re-asses where you stand. Once those points have happened you might be ready to:

  • Rule #5: Go out on a limb

That being said sometimes going out on a limb is also warranted. Don't have other options? Don't want to let something get worse? Sometimes taking advice with a little faith will take you a long way. You might not understand what to expect or might be doing something out of your normal comfort level. As long as you made sure to ask questions and get good answers sometimes going on intuition alone is the right call. Always weigh out your options and seek counsel from anyone that is able to help guide you when you are unsure. You should never play with your health. Whatever your decision always be ready to:

  • Rule #6: Commit

Your decisions should always come with an essence of commitment. You can't take a day off for forever hoping that things will just happen. You should also not "jump" around and only test the waters without ever sinking in. You'll only succeed in having numerous false starts. You have to at some point commit to your own health and well being. Even with a whole sea of doctors and loved ones looking out for you, only you spend 100% of your time with yourself. Only you can be totally sure that the right things happen. Millionaires and billionaires rarely spring up overnight. Every wealthy person ever first had to totally commit to their craft. There are no half measures worth pursuing in business or in health.

So follow in the footsteps of giants like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and JP Morgan - find what is right for you and commit, learn what is needed and make that change happen. You too can live as healthy as a billionaire - you only need but start. Why not make that day today?




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