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"Nutrition is at the center of conversation when it comes to achieving optimal health."


Nutrition Counseling

A typical appointment will include a complete nutritional and medical history, an assessment of nutritional status, and the provision of a realistic plan of action based on the readiness, level of understanding, motivation and needs of the client. This individualized plan will reflect information that is up to date, accurate and medically sound.

 Follow-up sessions are used to reinforce nutrition goals, estimate current intake, create menu plans and provide additional nutrition information. Family members are welcome to attend the sessions.

 Remember, it is our goal at Marco Chiropractic is to treat the body as whole which always includes a consideration of the body's nutrition or fuel.  There is a great deal of nutritional balance that has to be considered when we speak about total wellness.  Therefore, Dr. DeNunzio and Dr. Chester will take the time to establish a nutritional plan that is predicated on your present health and your wellness goals.

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