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When Dr. Greg DeNunzio set out to continue the storied tradition of Marco Chiropractic he had one goal in mind. That goal was to offer the community a safe and effective facility where the community could come, leave their stress behind and truly focus on achieving their personal health goals through our state-of-the-art chiropractic corrective approach.


When your spine is FUNCTIONING properly you just FEEL BETTER!



Corrective care is a chiropractic approach that looks BEYOND the symptoms and focuses on the underlying cause of your spinal health concerns. This "CORRECTIVE" approach typically involves an in-depth, comprehensive examination along with a series of radiographic films, if medically necessary, to determine precisely where the areas of concern are. Once we determine the areas of concern we put a custom program together for you that is designed to best address the problem, decrease pain, strengthen and stabilize the region and most importantly limit any further progression of the complaint.

What do we FOCUS on?

The focus of our family-oriented, corrective-care practice is to identify the source of your problems and correct them, thus allowing your body to heal and thrive.

Chiropractic focuses on the most powerful system in your body, the nervous system, which controls everything in the body. If your body's nervous system is not working efficiently, it might be creating or contributing to the health problem that you are currently experiencing. By removing any interferences within your nervous system your brain can communicate better with the rest of the body allowing your body to feel and function better.

It is not a mere coincidence that the BRAIN and SPINAL CORD are the ONLY two body systems COMPLETELY encapsulated by protective bones. They are the most protected because they are the most important! They control everything else in the body.



In our office we address a variety of health conditions ranging from chronic back, neck and sciatic pain to scoliosis and headaches. Though each person's health concerns are unique in presentation and severity, our goal is always to evaluate each patient and address and best correct the true underlying cause of the problem.

"What I love most about MARCO CHIROPRACTIC is the support that Dr. DeNunzio and his staff offer to the patients.
They truly want you to get out of pain quickly and achieve your health and wellness goals.
- Becky M.

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