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"In a digital age there are two types of businesses, those who are seen and those who are not". It's time to be seen!

Restoration Spine and Wellness

5-Star Approach to SUCCESS

Comprehensive initial examination to evaluate condition of your spine and overall health.

One-on-one in-depth explanation of examination findings.

Establish your health goals and customize a health program designed to help you best achieve them.

Carry out treatment plan.

Specifically placed one-on-one progress reports to reassure that you are continually progressing

Increase your visibility

In the growing social media marketplace, with over 100 million people, the best way to be seen is to post visually appealing, HD images that convey the same message of trust, confidence and value that your audience can relate to. It is this approach that separates the DIGITAL REACH MARKETING SUITE from the rest.







Amplify your engagement

The DIGITAL REACH MARKETING SUITE is developed to increase views and viewer engagement in your office, on all your social media platforms as well as your web page and supporting video sites.

Boost your ROI

Whether it is a “Like”, “Share” or “Call to action” the DIGITAL REACH MARKETING SUITE can help boost your internet conversion increasing your overall opportunity to grow your practice.  







Attract like-minded patients

Unlike other generic campaigns, the DIGITAL REACH MARKETING SUITE is specially designed to attract like-minded patients

that value chiropractic care, nutrition

and natural health.

Fast and easy set up

The DIGITAL REACH MARKETING SUITE comes with everything you need right out of the box. You can literally be set up and running both your in-office and web-based Social Media campaigns in minutes!






No marketing experience necessary

The DIGITAL REACH MARKETING SUITE is so easy to use that you can designate one staff member, with no prior marketing experience, to run our program and they will be able to effectively execute your office’s entire campaign for the year.


Why Choose Restoration Spine and Wellness?

    Digital Reach marketing suite is an all-in-one, COMPREHENSIVE marketing program that provides high definition digital content over various marketing platforms such as in your office, social media sites, live presentations you business’s websites as well as any other supporting web channels that you may have.


What makes Restoration Spine and Wellness unique?

    We are a company of chiropractors, multimedia designers and social media experts. With our collective experience in practice we have designed the most engaging images and videos with content with relevant content that patients relate to, find interesting and therefore take time to read and interpret the message.

I have spinal degeneration, can you help?

As with any opportunity to improve your practice, you need to implement the system correctly for it to work. That is why we made every effort to MAXIMIZE your opportunity for successes by braking down the numbers and providing you with a ”STEPS TO SUCCESS” guide and monthly income tracking checklists.
Following these tools will ensure that you will have success and you will profit from this program. However, in the words of every successful business owner who walked the earth, ”If you do nothing you will get nothing.”

My doctor had recommended that I get back surgery, can you help?

In our office you used a NON-Invasive approach to correcting spinal imbalances. In many cases we have been able to help patients get out of pain, improve or restore function and avoid surgery. If you are struggling with an unresolved back condition and you would like to get out of pain and avoid surgery, then call our office today to set up a consultation to see how we can help.

How does the Digital Reach Marketing Suite increase an office’s business?

    Our Marketing suite is designed to increase business through multiple avenues. That is why we have been so successful. Any successful business owner will tell you that Success is about diversity. And that is what we’ve created. This program is designed to:
•  Drive new patient traffic to your office through multiple Internet channels.
• Increase your patient retention rate
• Increases product sales and services
• Increase your growth opportunities through public speaking and   in-office workshops.
• Build and/or improve your brand’s awareness within your community.

What techniques do you use in the office:

• 52 Social media posts
  Perfect for use with your social media accounts

• 12 In-office/community workshops
    Perfect for in-office health talks or talks around your community.


• 40 in-office slides   

Perfect to entertain and educate your patients in your waiting room or exam rooms.

•  10 whiteboard videos
Perfect for your waiting room, social media posts, on your website or to drive traffic to your office for your affiliated sites such as youtube and vimeo.

•  PLUS 4 GREAT BONUSES ( A total value of $696)

#1 Wellness Check Checklist ($299 Value)

#2 Patient Retention Log ($199 Value)

#3 FIVE custom Hashtags for your social media campaign ($99 value)

#4 Monthly Revenue Checklist ($99 Value)

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